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Louise Vandermeer is a young, beautiful heiress but she wants to be more than admired for her looks. Her parents arrange for her to marry Charles d'Harcourt, a wealthy, successful and sophisticated French nobleman. She agrees to marry Charles, sight unseen, because she wants the freedom marriage will bring. Louise sets sail across the ocean to Charles' home in France. For fun, Charles decides to board the ocean liner but disguises himself as an Arab...
Black Silk
Avon, Jun 2002, 6.99, 480 pp. ISBN: 0060098538 In 1858, Graham Wessit has so many woes he does not know where to start to fix them. Besides being the laughing stock of England due to a hyperbolic serialization of his misdeeds, the wealthy Graham faces a false paternity suit and the plans of his current mistress to divorce her husband and marry him. Since he inherited his title at six, scandal is his middle name. Widow Submit Channing-Downes ...
The Indiscretion
Lydia Bedford-Browne, the sheltered daughter of an English viscount, decides to travel by coach by herself across Dartmoor in southern England to attend her maid's wedding. Her other occupant in the coach is a drunken Texas rancher named Sam Cody, who, for the second time to the same woman, missed their wedding. This ended their wedding plans. He is going home to Texas. When their also drunk driver falls off the coach, and the coach crashes, Lydia and...
The Proposition
Lady Edwina Bollash hsa taken in Mick Tremore to prove to herself and all of London society that she is the best tutor in all of England when it comes to speech and mannerisms. She guarentees that in only 6 weeks, she will take the cockney ratcatcher and pass him off as a well bred viscount at the largest ball of the year. As changes appear in Mick, Edwina notices changes in herself as well... she laughs more, smiles, and learns to greet each day with ...

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Untie My Heart
Avon, Nov 2002, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0380812975 In 1892, English expatriate Stuart Aysgarth is living in Russia when he belatedly received the telegram informing him that his father died and he was now a viscount with a wealthy estate. The next telegram stated that his Uncle Leonard insisted Stuart was dead, claiming the estates as his, and raided them. Stuart worries mostly about a statue. When he arrives his fears prove real, as all he sees i...

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