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A Vision of Light
In fourteenth century England, Margret of Ashbury, wife of a wealthy man, decides that she wants to tell the story of her life. As she cannot read or write, Margret hires a monk, Brother Gregory to write her memoirs for her as she dictates. Gregory thinks that this is the whim of a wealthy woman, but he accepts the job because he needs the money. Margret begins the story of her life, describing her childhood in a small village, her marriage to a viol...
In Pursuit of the Green Lion
This sequel to "A Vision of Light" moves the story into the realm of fantasy. It picks up where "A Vision of Light" left off. Margret of Ashbury is forced to marry the wealthy Gregory de Villiers (formerly brother Gregory). Although she is repelled by his father and brother, Margret and Gregory grow to love one another. The hundred years war is now taking place, and Gregory is captured and taken to a dungeon. When Margret learns of this, she sets off on ...
Oracle Glass
During the reign of the Sun King, Genevieve makes her living telling fortunes and masquerading as the impossibly old Madame de Morville. She becomes involved with "poisoners" a group of women who help people into their inheritances a little earlier than nature intended, and who are implicated in a plot to murder the King....