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A Tangled Web
This is a sequel to Deceptions where a main character thought dead returns from the dead. Sabrina Longworth is not dead. She traded places and lives with her twin sister Stephanie Anderson. To the world, Sabrina Longworth was killed when a bomb exploded on her lover's yacht. Except she wasn't. Max, got her off the boat and Stephanie--who he thinks is Sabrina, lost her memory. A friend of Stephanie's sees her in Paris and calls her twin sister in Evanston...
Sabrina and Stephanie Longworth are twins. Sabrina married a wealthy English aristocrat and divorced him. She now runs a successful antiques business in London. Stephanie married Garth Anderson, a scientist and university professor. She stays at home in the suburbs with their two children and envies her sister's jet set lifestyle. Stephanie's desire for a more exciting life is putting a strain on her marriage. Stephanie gets Sabrina to switch place...
Pot of Gold
Claire is a struggling single mother, barely making ends meet when she realizes she has just won the lottery. She has a hard time adjusting from having nothing to having all that money can buy. She decideds to take her daughter and go on a cruise that is where she learns that having money means that she can do what ever she wants. After years of being alone raising her daughter by herself. She can now offer them a whole new life and with that life come...