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Murdering Mr. Monti
Brenda Kovner is a 46 year old wife, mother of two grown sons, and a syndicated advice columnist. Brenda decides that she wants to sleep with a man other than her husband, and so she arranges to have three liasons with three different kinds ofd men. Meanwhile, her son Wally announces his engagement. When Brenda meets her future in-laws, she find Wally's new father in law to be an extremely unpleasant man. Mr. Monti is intent on stopping the wedding betwe...
The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
This book is absolutely, without a doubt, a great book for younger children to cope with the loss of a pet. This book, however, would not be appropriate for the loss of a human life. The author lets the reader know that it is OK to feel sad, to not want to watch TV, or to eat or to go outside and play. But most important of all, that it is OK to cry and feel sad. The mother and father hold a backyard funeral for Barney, the beloved deceased cat, and t...