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Hannah van Evan's reputation was wrongly tarnished but she decidesto leave Miami. She gets a job appraising antiques at a French chateau. Confined to a cottage on the French estate is Nardi de Saint Vallier, once a renowned sculptor. But lately, he is addicted to ether, and his aristocratic family is keeping him in the cottage until he recovers. When Nardi meets Hannah, all he wants is ether and to take Hannah to bed. Hannah tries to avoid going t...
Sebastien de Saint Villier's wife recently died and his children are grown up. He is a French aristocrat, lawyer, and keeps himself in excellent physical shape. Then Marie DuGard re-enters his life. He and Marie had a one night affair before she left France for America to pursue a career in the new movie industry. She has returned to pursue film making in France. Sebastien does not understand why he is so interested in Marie. As she films her pi...