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Dying To Get Her Man
DYING TO GET HER MAN Fawcett, May 2002, 6.99, 256 pp. ISBN 0449006417 Jennifer Marsh is a writer who wants one of her mystery books published so badly she's afraid to tell her boyfriend she loves him for fear it will take time away from her writing. However, when Journalist Sam Culpepper's ex-girlfriend comes to him for help. Jennifer is not only angry but also jealous that her boyfriend is allowing her stay with him. To take her mind...
Dying To Get Published
Jennifer has had enough of rejection letters she will be published, even if she has to kill for the opportunity. Jennifer has completed eight mystery novels and each one has been met with rejection from literary publishers. Nice notes, nasty notes, and notes that speak to her promise as a writer. She doesn't know which way to turn. It hits her that agents believe they are God and someone has to pay for the hours, months, and years of acting as gatekeeper...