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Arthur and George
Two young men, Arthur and George, are growing up many miles apart at the same time in Victorian Britain - Arthur in Edinburgh, George in the vicarage of a small Staffordshire village. Arthur becomes a doctor, and then a writer, while George is a solicitor in Birmingham. Arthur will become one of the most famous men of his age, while George remains unknown. But at the start of the new century, they are brought together by an unusual turn of events. Geo...
Flaubert's Parrot
Retired doctor and Flaubert scholar, Geoffrey Braithwaite, narrates this semi-biographical novel about the French writer's life and work, whilst giving little away about himself. Yet, as the story unfolds and Braithwaite comes to sense the futility of language and the frustrations of accurately documenting the life of his beloved Flaubert, he begins to reveal something of his troubled past....
Love, Etc. (Romance)
Knopf, Feb 2001, 23.00, 224 pp. ISBN: 0375411615 Although married and proud of his wife, the successful businessman Stuart never forgot the betrayal in which his witty friend Oliver stole his wife Gillian. Over the past few years, Oliver and Gillian seem to have forged a happy life together while Stuart, though successful, never found happiness. Oliver and Gillian have had children and shockingly he is a good father. However, that does not sto...
Love, Etc. (Literature)
"Love, Etc." places the reader into a love triangle involving Stuart who was married to Gillian ten years ago, and Oliver, her present husband with whom she has two girls. Stuart returns to London where the couple is now living and woos Gillian by employing Oliver, an unsuccessful screenwriter, and moving the couple into the home where Gillian and Stuart once lived. The romance plays out in a novel way; Barnes has the characters address the reader dir...

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Talking it Over
"Talking It Over" by Julian Barnes, written in 1991, introduces the love triangle, Stuart, Gillian, and Oliver, masterfully portrayed by the author in the sequel,"Love, etc." published in 2000. The earlier novel portrays the characters as young people juust starting out. Stuart is beginning a career as a banker; Oliver, although a University graduate and brilliant satirist, can only get employment as a teacher of ESl, and Gillian restores paintings, ...

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