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Conqueror's Moon
Ace, Jan 2004, 4.95, 400 pp. ISBN 0441011322 It should have been a peaceful place, the isolated island in the Boreal Sea but the four kingdoms that inhabit it have periodically gone to war. In the kingdom of Cathra, the heir to the throne Prince Conrig wants to be the high king when his father dies and all the other lands would become his vassal states. He lost his chance to enforce the Edict of Sovereignty when his father refuses to commit an ...
Ironcrown Moon
Ace, April 2005, 24.95, 416 pp ISBN 0441012442 The former prince of Cathra is King Conrig of High Blenholme and the former independent kingdoms are now vassal states. The king sits uneasily on the throne because he has a small amount of magic as does his three sons. By law, all of these royals are not suited to rule. He is desperate to keep this a secret but he learns that his first wife that he divorced because he thought she was barren is t...
Sky Trillium
A long time ago, the land of the three moons was almost ruined by a magical war. Now it seems to have found it's balance again. But then an even bigger evil arrives. There are earthquakes, strange weather and volcano eruptions. Only the strong talisman made up out of the three talismans of the three triplet princesses can save the world now. But Anigel, the queen, has lost her talisman. She was forced it to the bad mage Orogastus in the war. Her siste...
The Golden Torc
This is the second book in the saga of the Exiles series, which describes the adventures of the second half of a group of exiles from a future galactic society who have escaped into earth's past. The group of exiles is an unusual one. It includes Elizabeth, who fled the Galactic milieu having lost her mind powers in an accident...only to find them restored once in irreversible exile. Aiken is a prankster who discovers thanks to the Tanu mind enhancing...

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The Many Colored Land
Earth has been joined by other alien races in a galactic society, where mind powers abound. Some humans are unhappy with this and seek ways to escape. A scientist has invented a one-way time machine into the pliocene past 5000000 years ago and the book describes what happens to a group who chose exile in the past. They discover that earth at that time is not the wilderness they expect but inhabited by another alien race. The Tanu have no scruples usi...

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