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Bantam, Jan 2002, 16.99, 320 pp. ISBN 0 553-582205 Alex Plumtree, owner of Plumtree Publishing in England, is on his way to America to marry his one and only love Sarah Richardson in Nantucket. After a brief honeymoon, the couple plans to visit to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire to participate in the 1986 reunion. The honeymoon is perfect but what comes next has them fighting for their lives. Alex is a bibliophile who is an expert o...
Alex Plumtree and his brother Max (antique book dealers) have uncovered a valuable book. It becomes apparent that this book is a necessary tool to avert a war between England and the Arab countries. The plot thickens.....Alex is invited to an action packed weekend at a historic castle.( The attendees will all be bookophiles). He hopes to uncover who has taken the book, and undergoes a series of challanges while there, including various accidents, ...