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Dowager Empress Cixi
The Dowager Empress of China introduced her country to technological, political and social change while maintaining a respect for Chinese tradition. Dowager Empress Cixi was probably born in 1835. She was the oldest of five children that included another daughter and three sons. Her family were Manchus. In 1644 the Manchus from northern China had overrun the country and replaced the Ming dynasty of the Han people with the Qing dynasty still in power. Her...
Wild Swans
Wild Swans is a biography that follows the life of three different people. It starts off with the grandma of the author who is sold as a prostitute in order to escape the rigors of peasantry. She hates life and eventually escapes with her child. After marrying a wealthy doctor, she continues her life and raises her child. Her child is a happy girl who grows up for the most part normal until she starts getting into politics. She joins up with the Kuominta...