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Junot Diaz Message Board 1/1/2012
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A young Dominican immigrant recollects moments in life that molded him into what he is today. In 10 thought provoking short stories Diaz manages to give us an account of the “American Dream” that brings both pain and hope to the table. With a true Dominican voice and flavor mixed with Washington Heights street smarts this book rings with the timber of truth. Painted with the colors of immigrant life Diaz manages to give us a mural that depicts t...
This Is How You Lose Her
Yunior, a thoughtful but brash, Dominican young man tries to make things right after he's found out to be a cheater. He had gotten in good with her closely knit family (when he was treating her right). After his indiscretion which is shared with Magda by one her girlfriends things change. Magda receives a detailed letter which gives her insight into how badly Yunior has played her. Her family does not appreciate him embarrassing them or their beloved ...