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Leading the Cheers
Dan Silas returns to Hollybush High School Michigan to be guest speaker at his high school 30 year re-union. Dan left the States to live in London at the age of 18 and has become a successful advertising executive. The company he owned having recently been bought out by the Japanese. Dan has just split up acrimoniously with his girlfriend Stephanie. Back in the States he meets up with Gene, the class re-union organiser who fills him in on the comi...
White Lightning
The protaganist, James Kronk, returns from exile to his homeland of South Africa where his mother lies slowly dying. This is the trigger which stimulates James to examine his past life, both as a child growing up in South Africa and as a young man in exile in Great Britain, where he has worked as a failed film director, working on soft pornography and political films for the National Party. However, James finally begins to feel as if he has a place i...