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Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen
The Time Lord known as The Doctor helps a small village battle against one of his fiercest foes. In a small tavern in a small town sometime in the past, the Time Lord known only as the Doctor gets a drink and slowly but surely is recognized as a stranger. When he tells people that he is The Doctor, they confuse him for an actual doctor and send him to the local castle, home to Lord and Lady Ernhardt. Their son, Victor, is deathly ill, and the people ho...
Doctor Who: The Resurrection Casket
The Doctor and his human companion Rose are spinning through the space-time continuum in their ship, the Tardis. They stop to get their bearings, and the Tardis suddenly breaks down. They are stranded on Starfall, a planet at the heart of the zeg, an area of space where advanced technology does not work. Here even the spaceships and robots are steam-powered. At the spaceport where the travellers find themselves, a shadow beast is on a killing spree. R...