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Family Matters
Five Star, Sep 2004, 26.95, 274 pp. ISBN: 1594142343 In Donhaven, children's book illustrator and painter Jenny Tyler notices her neighbor's overflow of mail. Though not much more than acquaintances, she goes to check on Dolan, but notices his cat Choc acting weird. Jenny rings the bell, but receives no response. She notices the door is unlocked, enters and finds Dolan dead. Police Chief Pierce comforts her when troubleshooter Gabe Daniels ...
The Shocking Miss Shaw
Five Star, Jun 2003, 26.95, 299 pp. ISBN: 0786247673 In 1885 Washington DC, a distraught Melanie Shaw informs her beloved stepdaughter Sierra that someone is trying to blackmail her with her past ruining her second husband, a US Senator. Not wanting to disturb her father who is working to keep his country from violating a treaty with the Indians, Sierra decides to travel to England in order to ferret out the source of the extortion. Both Shaw f...