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Coffee and Kung Fu
The daughter of overseas missionaries, twenty-six-year-old Nicci Bradford must confront her life and her future in the United States. To help her, she has philosophy and insight from classic kung-fu movies starring Jackie Chan. Although she feels a strong connection with a rootless wanderer named Ethan, who works at a nearby Boston coffee shop, Nicci finds herself being sucked into the shallow world of "proper" and "normal" in US society. In the end, ...
Separation Anxiety
Since childhood, Wichita Gray and Jonah KiaLos have been virtually inseparable. As teenagers, they leave they small-town home and move to Chicago. Now, a dozen years later, Wichita worries that she has become too reliant on Jonz, and that their personalities have been twisted together for so long that they won't be able to exist without one another. Wichita worries over how to sever the bond between them, worries that her inability to cope without Jon...