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Dancing Suns
Serall is psychically bonded to her zaddack Kafa. Forced from their home when the city is destoyed by aliens hunting humans, they are forced to go in search of their destiny, the last humans. ...
Mentor's Lair
A ragtag group of refugees fleeing the destruction of their planet must rely on a leader weakened by loss and an enemy to pilot the ship. When they must find a place to land in order to obtain water and food they find themselves stranded on a hostile quaking ice planet which emits a lust inducing energy. Here they must survive each other as well as an ice monster... ...
A killing Dark is sweeping through the universe killing all life that stands in its path. A lone oreseeker, Jaspen, must face his inner problems and lost love in order to access the abilities he has--abilities that mean he alone might be able to save what life is left. Jaspen must find a way to overcome his emotional inadequacies in order to access his abilities so that he might have a chance to rescue the mindsparks, the living essence, of the beings o...