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Bethany House, 2002, 393 pp. ISBN: 0764226312 Callie Hayes earns a below living wage so when her friend Meg Riley needs moral support to be a guinea pig in a harmless psychology experiment, Callie reluctantly agrees. At the lab, Callie refuses to trek across a rat maze called Arena. The prompter informs her that her only exit is by staying on the white road to the gate with her only help a field manual. In the Arena battle fatigued Pierce An...
Shadow Over Kiriath
This is the third book of Karen Hancock's “Legends of Guardian-King” series. After the trials of exile, slavery, gladiator games, a civil war against his own brother, and a devastating attack by a monster, Abramm Kalladorne is finally to be crowned the king of Kiriath. Six months have passed after Abramm had fought and defeated the morwhool, a doglike creature made specifically to destroy him. The victory came with a price: Abramm's left arm had been inj...
The Light of Eidon
Abramm Kalladorne, the fifth son of the king of Kiriath, is too far in the succession line to ever become the king; besides, he is not very interested in the worldly affairs, anyway. At the age of 13 he had chosen to dedicate his life to the God Eidon, and joined the religious order of Mataio. After 8 years of training he is about to take his vows when he learns that sudden and mysterious deaths of his father and older brother had brought him closer to t...
The Shadow Within
Abramm, the fifth son of the king of Kiriath, is kidnapped by his brother and sold into slavery where he is forced to fight as a gladiator. Having become the best of the best, he regains his freedom and returns to Kiriath to claim the crown. His younger brother Gillard, who is now the king, is of course unwilling to give up the throne, even after the Council of Lords decides to give it to Abramm. Gillard gathers support and starts a war. Gillard is not ...

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