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Redemption in Indigo
Paama is a wonderful cook married to a childish glutton of a man named Ansige. When she gets fed up of his demands she leaves him and goes to stay with her parents at a nearby village. Ansige eventually follows to make her come home, but along the way suffers many misadventures which Paama eventually has to rescue him from. Local spirits known as djombi watch her with interest as she does this, remarking on her ability to control things and sort th...
The Best of All Possible Worlds
The Sadiri are a race of telepaths whose homeworld is destroyed. The survivors are those who were off-planet at the time of the attack. A group of mostly male Sadiri is welcomed as refugees on the planet Cygnus Beta, which has been settled over the years by a mix of various cultures and races that include the taSadiri, a branch of the Sadiri. Hoping to rebuild their genetic and cultural heritage through inter-marriage. Grace Delarue is a biotechni...