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Empress - Godspeaker 1
This is the first installment of the Godspeaker trilogy. It is about a young girl sold to slavery who makes more of herself due to her belief the god has chosen her to rule. In the utmost, poor north, a young girl is sold to Traders named Abajai and Yagji. She formed the name Hekat after being called a hell cat due to her feisty nature. They plan to make her a concubine. After purchase and adding to the list of slaves, they travel towards Et-Raklion....
Hammer of God - Godspeaker 3
Rhian, the new Queen of Ethrea, needs to bring together different nations in order to save her country, Ethrea, from the Mijak warriors. It's a desert civilization that wants to expand their territory and after passing through the obstacles in the previous novels, the warriors are waiting for the winds to pick up before sailing towards Ethrea, their new target. The one to lead them are the Empress, Hekat, the high godspeaker, Vortka, and the warlod and H...
The Riven Kingdom - Godspeaker 2
In the second installment of the series, the Princess Rhian fights power hungry nobles for her right to rule the kingdom as Queen. In Rivera, capital of Ethrea, a walled island kingdom, the king is dying. The only royal to be left is Rhian, his daughter as both his sons died. She wishes to be queen but the country hasn't ever been led by a queen. Meanwhile, the toymaker, Dexterity Jones, is selling toys to the noblewomen. He is saved from harassment ...