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Once a Warrior
Malcolm MacFane has deteriorated from the mighty Black Wolf of legend into a broken man, steeped in alcohol to numb the pain of his broken body. Ariella MacKendrick needs a hero to save her peace-loving people from attack by a greedy outcast. She is sent to call upon the Black Wolf for protection and is disappointed to discover the man he has become. This tale of pain and withdrawal and redemption was brilliantly woven. It was the second of Karyn Monk...
The Prisoner
Karyn Monk Bantam, Jun 2001, 5.99, 370 pp. ISBN: 055357762X In 1861 Scotland, Marquess Haydon Kent resides in prison waiting to hang for a murder he swears he did not commit. However, though weary, he refuses to allow a guard to abuse a child. He intercedes and takes a beating for his actions. Genevieve MacPhail hates seeing children thrown into prison. She bribes the prison governor to release the children to her. Though she wants ...