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Don't Tell
Mary Grace Winters was desperate to escape her abusive husband, for her sake as well as her son's. She runs to Chicago and adopts an assumed name: Caroline Stewart. Caroline has worked hard to put her past behind her. She's working as a University secretary while putting herself through law school and raising her fourteen-year-old son, Tom. She's carefully avoided any romantic involvement ... until she meets her new boss, Max Hunter. Blaming himself fo...
Have You Seen Her?
Warner, Feb 2004, 5.99, 512 pp. ISBN: 0446612812 High Point, North Carolina is gripped with fear as a serial killer is in action. State Bureau of Investigation Agent Steven Thatcher vows to bring down this predator killing children. He knows first hand how parents feel as his preadolescent son Nicky was abducted, but fortunately rescued though six months later mental scars remain on the lad, his dad, and his teenage brother Brad. He takes a ...
I'm Watching You
Warner, Oct 2004, 5.99, 496 pp. ISBN: 0446614475 Late at night and seemingly alone, Chicago prosecutor Kristen Mayhew waits for the elevator when a stranger arrives and inadvertently frightens her. The newcomer introduces himself as Detective Abe Reagan recently transferred from five years undercover on drugs to homicide. They ride down together and he escorts her to her car only to see she has a flat. Abe goes to change the tire, but the open...

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