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City of Pearl
Eos, Feb 2004, 6.99, 406 pp. ISBN 0060591695 Environmental Hazard Enforcement Officer Shan Frankland is looking forward to early retirement but Foreign Minister Perault gives her one last mission. A signal from the Constantine Colony was received and the authorities want to see for themselves if it is really suitable for the human race to reside there. Shan has a second mission, memory suppressed until she needs to know it. When they arrive o...
Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact
Darman isn't just an ordinary Clone Soldier, he's an elite Republic Commando. He might be just 10 years old, but he has the physical appearance of an extremely fit 20-year old. After 10 years of the most demanding training that could possibly exist for a soldier, Darman finds himself the lone survivor of his 4-man team following his first battle. Darman is immediately teamed up with three other "lone survivors" for a secret mission to destroy a na...