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Falling Star
Hard Shell Word Factory, Oct 2002, 12.95, 239 pp. ISBN: 0759900833 Rori Mason hates men. The rejection by her beloved Nate for another woman and ultimately a decade wasted with an abuser provided empirical data to Rori what the traits of the Y chromosome are. After vowing no men, Rori earns income ironically as a stripper. Life uses love to orchestrate a cosmic satire that Rori knows makes her the butt of the joke as she encounters Nate for...
Reluctant Hearts
Hard Shell, Aug 2002, 14.95, 386 pp. ISBN: 0759905444 In Milwaukee, from about the first moment she saw her brother's friend Paul Randall, Wendy Thomas knew she wanted him. However, though young, Paul has learned from his parents that love hurts and life is better when one does not risk feeling that dreaded emotion. Still, Paul and Wendy carve out a friendship as they have much in common, but neither can go any further as he believes she is a k...