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In Confidence
Mira, Feb 2004, 6.50, 448 pp. ISBN: 0778320243 In Rose Hill, Texas in 1998, New York based author Cameron Ford attacks high school counselor Rachel Forrester for failing to stop his son from committing suicide. Cameron, who feels guilty for not being there when his son Jack needed him, takes it out on Rachel, who had six sessions with the star athlete before he killed himself. Five years later, Rachel catches her husband Ted, a doctor, sleepi...
Private Lives
Mira, Apr2003, 6.50, 448 pp. ISBN: 1551666790 In Houston, Jesse and her mother Gina D'Angelo live with Newberry Award winner Elizabeth Walker. Though opposites, Gina and Elizabeth have been friends since they met as foster children two decades ago. The D'Angelos moved in with Elizabeth following the kid's father Austin Leggett throwing both of them out of his home. Gina has since asked for child support, but Austin refuses to pay and counter ...
Someone Knows
Zebra, Mar 2002, 384, 6.50 ISBN: 0821768298 A few years ago college student Charlie Case got his girl friend Sara Long pregnant. The couple talked of marriage, but his father Jordan interceded and said no. Unable to buck his father, the twenty-one year old Charlie acquiesced. Not long afterward, teenage Sara miscarried. Her mother Valerie blamed Jordan for the tragedy. Valerie is delighted abouther promotion to editor-in-chief of M...