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Aspect, Oct 2003, 6.99, 432 pp. ISBN 0446613785 The son of two very rich and powerful parents, Ryan Azarcon is idolized and envied by the people on Austro station. They don't realize that he is still recovering from the trauma of seeing the wholesale slaughter of the Hong Kong embassy by terrorists. Ryan is not politically savvy and buys into the propaganda of the twenty-year war between the Earth hub and the alien Strits. His father is the ca...
Warner, Apr 2002, 6.99, 512 pp. ISBN: 0446610771 The Ghengis Khan pirates attack the merchant space ship Mukudori murdering the adults and enslaving the children. During the fracas, eight-year-old Joslyn Musey kills one of the assailants. Impressed by the courage of the obviously frightened youngster, the pirate leader Falcone decides to keep Jos as his personal toy while selling the remaining captives. Falcone begins training Jos on how h...