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The Princess and the Pauper
Julia is a regular girl in Los Angeles living in a crummy apartment with her mom and on scholarship at a very exclusive girls school, where everyone else has more money. Meanwhile, in Vineland, the life of privilege is starting to get on the nerves of Princess Carina. At the beginning of the book, she "falls in love" with the lead singer of a heavy metal band. In order to meet him, Carina and her best friend Ingrid concot a scheme after meeting Ju...
Reed Brennan is a Billings Girl. A Bilings Girl means being popular rich (although she is not), and secretive. Her old boyfriend, Thomas Pearson, is dead. His roommate, Josh, is as hot as ever. Reed feels guilty, but she really likes Josh. The other Billings Girls dissapproved of Thomas, and they aren't sure how they feel about Josh. Now, the police are suspecting Josh of murdering Thomas, and Reed doesn't know what to do. With help from the other...

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