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Cold Magic
Cat must discover the truth about her heritage and her role in the technological revolution that changing the class structure of a world previously dominated by wizards. This story is set in an alternate history where wizards (aka Magisters in the story) are royalty/nobles and have the power to wield cold or fire magic, a power that secures them in positions of power. At the time of the story's setting, a technological revolution threatens this class sy...
Young woman forced to face her identity and that of her families after voluntarily stranding herself on a planet. Learns to see herself not only as the Dukes sister, but as Tess. Learns to live in and live a culture far different from her own and learns the secrets of that culture as well as her own. ...
King's Dragon
Kate Elliot's "King's Dragon" is a fantastic book that is filled with drama, adventure, danger, and intrigue. Strange, almost unhuman invaders are coming from the east, attacking the major city of Gent. But the King is held up in the west, where his sister has decided to rebel. Liath is caught up in it all, having been torn from her home to become an Eagle, the King's royal messenger. But so much more is at stake than one city, or one kingdom...if Li...
The Gathering Storm
Daw, Feb 2003, 24.95, 625 pp. ISBN: 0756401194 The ancient spell that exiled the Aoi from the planet is failing to hold. Thus the elven horde is expected to return soon, which means havoc and perhaps the final pandemic cataclysm. Also coming back to her home is Liath, after learning to use her powers while being away for a week in her time, but four years on her home world. While she was gone, her husband Prince Sanglant has raised an army an...

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