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The Forgotten Garden
The story is about an young woman who decides to uncover the secret of her grandmother's strange arrival in Australia in 1913. Cassandra is a young Australian woman who lives with her grandmother, Nell O'Connor, is a small house near Brisbane. She knows nothing about her grandmother's past because Nell didn't like to discuss the subject under any circumstances. Nell is 95 years old and she is on a hospital bed. She is delirious and she starts talking...
The House at Riverton
The story is about a young maid named Grace who witnesses a famous poet's death and decides to keep a secret for the rest of her life. Ursula Ryan is a film producer. The year is 1999 and she is working on a historical movie about Riverton Manor. She sends a letter to an old lady named Grace Bradley and she asks her to help tell the tragic story of the family that owned and lived at Riverton before and after the First World War. Grace is 98 years old. Sh...
The Secret Keeper
This story is about a teenage girl who decides to keep her mother's secret for the rest of her life. Laurel Nicolson is a nationally acclaimed English actress. She is almost sixty years old and her mother is almost ninety. When Laurel was only sixteen years old she witnessed something horrible from the safety of a tree house and she kept it a secret ever since. Now that her mother is on her deathbed, Laurel wants to get to the bottom of the events that t...