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The Saint John's Fern
St. Martin's, Aug 2002, 23.95, 256 pp. ISBN: 0312276834 In 1477 Roger the Chapman has enjoyed his second marriage for four months, especially the birth of his second child. However, Roger still feels restless as he senses that he is needed in Plymouth. He hitches a ride with Peter Threadgold who is traveling to see his daughter Joanna. Roger learns from Joanna that someone viciously beat her neighbor Master Capstick to death with witnesses h...
The Weaver's Tale
Roger the Chapman is a peddler (or "chapman") in 15th century England and author Kate Sedley gives him almost a 20th century mind in this third tale of the series! On his wanderings, Roger falls gravely ill and two strangers nurse him back to health. Of course, he is later wiling to help them in any way and, surprisingly, they seek his assistance. They tell him that a man has been murdered previously and the man's younger brother was hanged for it. H...
The Wicked Winter
Three bodies should be enough for any mystery! And Kate Sedley's Roger the Chapman finds that not only is he freezing his tale off in the dead of winter, but that trying to find out this vicious murder will take all the skills he has! Roger, the central character of Sedley's series, arrives at Cederwell Manor in hopes of selling his wares (he's a traveling peddler); instead he finds Lady Cederwell dead, apparently having fallen off one of the towers of...