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Between Two Worlds
When an American ship comes to search for Arctic explorer Robert E. Peary in 1901, Aqariusaq finds herself caught between her own Inuit community and her white friends and acquaintances, about both of which she cares greatly. When Aqariusaq was 10 years old, she spent a year in Washington DC with Peary's wife (Mitti Peary) and daughter (Marie). Dubbed "Billy Bah" by the little Marie, she learned to speak English reasonably well and learned about many thi...
Escape Across the Wide Sea
Persecuted French Huguenots, Daniel and his family courageously travel from France to the Caribbean to New York to New Rochelle, always hopeful and hardworking. A humble group of weavers, 9 year old Daniel and his family are threatened by the French Catholics. Being devout Huguenots, they decide to flee to England via the city of La Rochelle rather than surrender and take the Catholic vow.  But during their flight to the French coast, a soldier wounds Da...