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Schooling Carmen
Avon, Oct 2004, 12.95, 341 pp. ISBN: 0060936452 Gorgeous Carmen DuPre cannot understand why someone as beautiful and connected as she is has to work in the abominable Eastside of Los Angeles rather than the Westside where she feels she belongs. If daddy still lived that “mistake” would never have occurred. Carmen struggles to breath in a sea of Spanish speaking Mexican-American students as a guidance counselor at Overton High School. Spelman n...
Skin Deep
On the surface Nina Moore looks like a white woman, despite the fact that she is African American. Having moved from Los Angeles to Glendale, Arizona, Nina finds herself experiencing racial identity problems as she is constantly mistaken for white. When Nina can't seem to rid herself of frightening dreams she decides to seek help from a therapist, who advises her to delve into her past to resolve her current issues. Raised in a loving home by her father...