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American Diaries: Zellie Blake
After the death of her beloved grandmother, twelve year old Zellie Blake is forced to find work at a boarding house in Lowell, Massachusetts. It is 1834 and Zellie is an African American young girl who was born free during slavery. Mrs. Gird, who runs the boarding house, is a tough taskmaster and she works Zellie very hard in exchange for room, board, food and small wages. Much to Zellie's dismay, Mrs. Gird has asked Zellie to spy on the young women w...
Louisiana Hurricane 1860
The romance of the 1800's featured in this book is moving and takes you completely in. Kathleen Duey has once again captivated us with her novel. In the remote Louisiana world we see a young girl, Madelaine, get her life ravaged over just one summer. Three hurricanes sweep in threatening not only to ruin her father's plantation but also the threat of taking her life. The real story is the can not be love between Madelaine and a Cajun named Francoi...