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Bantam, July 2004, 6.99 400 pp. ISBN 044026649 Everyone knows that Pittsburgh Doctor Dan Ross is a humanitarian and he proves it to any doubters by funding Pacusset Safe House, a place for young adults in danger to go to for a safe haven and counseling. He is such a good person nobody understands why he was murdered. Although the police have no leads, a determined officer, working on his own time, tries to find Dan's murderer. Dan's wife Elizab...
Bantam, May 2001, 23.95, 322 pp. ISBN: 0385335415 In Pittsburgh, Marina and Michael Benedict leave the therapist's office knowing that their relationship will never be the same, as she wants a separation. Still emotionally reeling from her decision, Marina sees a young woman with a cute baby. Though a bit jealous of the woman having an infant, the kindhearted Marina talks to the child. Not long afterward, Marina notices a man holding...