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More Than You Dreamed
Jill Casler's father co-wrote and directed a famous Hollywood movie about a romance set during the Civil War. Doug Ringling is a descendant of the now deceased handsome male star of the movie. Doug comes to Jill with questions about the original script. Hollywood gossip had always said that Jill's father had rescued the script, but Doug thinks that Jill's father took an artistic masterpiece and made it into a commercial success. Jill and Doug real...
Please Remember This
Avon, Feb 2002, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0061013870 Suffering from manic depression, Nina Lane could not cope with her sudden fame as a must read science fiction writer. Nina commits suicide three months after she gives birth to Tess. Her maternal grandparents raise the infant as far way from the Nina nonsense as possible. About twenty-four years later with her grandparents who raised her dead and feeling all alone, Tess decides to find o...