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The Destiny
The Destiny opens with the hero, Neil MacCurrie, getting lost in a snowstorm. On a mission to discover thepolitical leanings of a former king, he was disappointed to find no leadership interests, and is trying to return home to Scotland. The garden shed where he took refuge is on the land of a former ally of this king. However, the new owner of the land is the king's enemy. The heroine, Eileen Ronley, is being sheltered here. She is not aware that she i...
The Legend
Warner, Jul 2002, 6.50, 383 pp. ISBN: 0446610526 The prophesy is specific and so far proven accurate. However, James MaCurrie wonders if the augur will remain so now that he has ascended to the clan chief as the Earl of Torridon with the death of his sire in 1689. James knows that he and his younger twin brother Neil are the current focus of the prediction of five decades of peace. Overhearing a plot to kill her cousin John, leader of the c...