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The Outcasts
When people think of the Wild West they often think of the lawless gunslingers. The Outcast introduce us to Nate who is an Oklahoma farmer, but in in need of money to support his young family and becomes a Texas law enforcer. Nate is just a simple farmer, but he will soon have his hand full. Nate gets antiquated with two Texas Rangers who are are the trail of murderer. Nate will get to know these two rangers rather well as they pursue the hunted crimi...
The Wolves of Andover
In 17th century Massachusetts, Martha Allen falls in love with a servant who turns out to have been the man who chopped off the head of King Charles I during the English Civil War. Martha Allen is a young woman with a stubborn air of independence who has not yet married. She is sent to work for her cousin, Patience Taylor, who is pregnant with her third child and having a terrible time of it with illness and nausea. Patience's husband, Daniel, is often a...