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Just Kiss Me
Amanda Sedgewick is beautiful, successful and wealthy. And she fears that she will marry a man who is so not perfect for her especially when the guy can't take no for an answer. Amanda turns to Joe Barrington for help asking him to pretend that they are in love. She wants to stop Avery Barrington's persistent promise of love for her by telling him that she and his brother are heavily dating. Joe at first doesn't want to go along with her plan because he ...
Touched By Fire
Berkley, Jan 2002, 304 pp. ISBN: 0515132403 The Earl of Haverwood relishes the public hanging of vicious serial killer rapist Jack Cady as his wife Mary was a victim of the odious individual. However, unlike most of his targets, Mary survived the throat slashing and gave birth to the rapist's son. Nine years later, Colin watches the state execute his biological sire while his “father” pounds into him that he has the taint of that vicious ani...