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Lady in Waiting
Warner, Jan 2005 ISBN: 0446614246 In 1818 Bath, Genevieve Penny works as a maid to the elderly Featherton sisters and their grandniece Meredith Merriweather. However, Genevieve dreams of being a lady because though her mother is the head housekeeper; her father was an aristocrat. Meredith asks Genevieve to try on one of her new dresses as they are the same size. They go to show off the dresses to Featherton sisters, but Scottish Marquis Callum Ca...
Rules of Engagement
Warner, May 2004, 5.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0446614388 In 1814 England, twin spinster Aunts Viola and Letitia worry that their beloved niece artist Eliza Merriweather refuses to marry. Eliza does not want her talent going to waste like her mom's did when she gave it up to marry. The sisters decide it is time to establish the rules of engagement based on the book War Strategies. The aunts begin matchmaking a stubborn Eliza who acknowledges her moth...