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Dangerous Depths
Signet, May 2005, 6.50, 272 pp. ISBN 0451214935 Police underwater diver and homicide investigator Hannah Sampson went down to the British Virgin Island as a favor to her boss who wanted someone on his team nearby during the inquiries into the death of his son there. Hannah loved it so much that she quit her job in Denver and went to work as a detective in the Virgin Islands. After a year of living there she has a lover, good friends and a house...
Dark Water Dive
Signet, July 2004, 25.99, 242 pp. ISBN 0451212525 Denver homicide detective and police scuba team member Hannah Simpson quits her job and relocates to the British Virgin Islands so she won't have to see kids shoot up or shoot at her. The team throws her a going away party and the next day everyone is helping when a call comes in that someone was shot and thrown in the reservoir. Since Hannah is one of the few fit to dive, she agrees to go into ...
Swimming with the Dead
Signet, Oct 2003, 5.99, 272 pp. ISBN 0451216204 In the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the owner of the Lucky Lady is making a solo dive into the bowels of the sunken ship, the Chikuzen. While looking around he sees another diver and when he recognizes who it is he knows he is in trouble. When his body is found, the authorities believe it was an accident and it looks like his killer will get off free. Soon afterward, someone breaks into the dece...