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Deadlier Than the Pen
Pemberley Press, March2004, 23.95, 266 pp. ISBN 070272766 In New York City in 1888, there are many newspapers competing for the largest audience and very few female reporters working as journalists. Widow Diane Spaulding is one of the select few. She needs her job on the independent Intelligence, so says nothing when assigned to dig up a scandal on horror writer Damon Bathory who is on a tour giving readings from his latest book. When they mee...
Face Down Across The Western Sea
FACE DOWN ACROSS THE WESTERN SEA St. Martin's, April 2002, 22.95, 240 pp. ISBN 0312288239 Sir Walter Pendennis is at Priory House in Cornwall on a mission for the queen. With him is Susanna, Lady Appleton, the woman who turned down his marriage proposals well as a host of England's best scholars. Their job is to find England's claim, if any, to the New World and a faster waterway to the Asian Markets. Susanna is glad to find something worthw...
Face Down Below the Banqueting House
Perseverance Press, Apr 2005, 13.95, 246 pp. ISBN: 1880284715 In Greenwich Castle in 1573, Lady Appleton's housekeeper Jennet Jaffrey watches in horror as her sister-in-law Sarah takes a jewel from the pocket of her mistress Jeronyma Holme. Sarah explains that Jeronyma steals things from members of the court that Sarah tries to quietly return. This jewel belongs to Elizabeth I and Sarah is stymied as to how stealthily to return it. Sarah dumps...
Face Down Upon an Herbal
Susanna, Lady Appleton, is sent to Madderly Castle, ostensibly to help Lady Madderly finish a book on herbology, but in reality to provide an excuse for her husband, Robert, to come there to investigate the murder of a man who was apparently involved in a conspiracy against queen Elizabeth I. Shortly after arriving, the body count starts to mount and Susanna's young protége, Catherine, falls in love with of one of the prime suspects. Solving the crimes t...

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