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A Pale View of Hills
Etsuko, a widowed woman living in England, is shattered by the suicide of one of her daughters and by the distance which exists in her relationship with her remaining daughter. The difficulty of the present time make Etsuko reflect on her past life in Japan. One particular summer seems to recur to Etsuko with special force and significance. In a hot summer after the war, Etsuko had been pregnant with her first child. Etsuko noticed a new woman arrive...
An Artist of the Floating World
The novel begins in October 1948, when Japan is three years into the humiliating defeat of World War II. It is trying to stumble back to normalcy and yet, the coming times are marked by a decisive break from the past in many ways. Masuji Ono, a retired painter, is passing his days quietly - 'moping around the house', spending time with his grandson and most of the time, thinking of the days that were. His only big concern in present times is the marriage...
Never Let Me Go
At first, Kathy H. seems to be a bright, perky woman who attends a good private school, Hailsham, has a college-like experience at "The Cottages," and ends up working as a "carer" (a kind of health care professional). Eventually, the reader learns that Kathy H. is a clone. Kathy recounts her early years at Hailsham, a school for clones, where she befriends Tommy and Ruth. They participate in art contests, which turn out to be part of an effort to pro...

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