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St. Martin's, July 2002, 24.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0312266413 Brooke and Tess are identical twin girls born to billionaire Darwin Bishop and his beautifully charismatic wife Julia. They also have two adopted sons, Graham the golden boy and sixteen year old Billy who has been in and out of psychiatric institutions all his life and is known to the local authorities for his violent behavior. When Brooke unexpectedly dies, Darwin immediately thinks tha...
Murder Suicide
St. Martin's July 2004, 21.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0312323891 John Snow was a genius who made millions from his inventions but the money came at a price. Every time he was near a breakthrough, he suffered a severe grand mal epileptic seizure. Unable to live with the affliction anymore, he decided to have cutting edge brain surgery that could cause blindness or leave him unable to remember any of the people closest to him. An hour before he was due fo...
This book is interesting because both the protagonist and antagonist are forensic psychiatrists. Jonah Wrens (the killer) wanders from town to town murdering innocent victims. Frank Clevenger is the protagonist engaging in Wrens' game of cat and mouse. It is interesting to see how the characters analyze one other. Something else that adds interest is that the author is actually a forensic psychiatrist himself....
The Architect
The Architect is the sixth installment of Keith Ablow's Frank Clevenger series. The book opens up with West Crosse, a Yale educated architect with an unhealthy urge for perfection using a surgical saw to cut through the spine of his victim to remove vertebrae. Meanwhile, FBI psychiatrist Frank Clevenger is battling with his addiction to alcohol while dealing with the problems he's having with his adopted son Billy. Clevenger doesnt get assigned to the ca...

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