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Please Love Me: One Woman's Silent Plea for the Miracle of Intimacy
This is the story of Hedy, a woman who has been through enough trouble on earth in her search for love and Intimacy. She is in her late 20's and a mother of two girls. Since childhood, she has been struggling for attention and love, first from her father when she was a little girl, and opts to keep away from men in her later years, especially after a rape ordeal at the age of 15. On the outside, Hedy looks mature, collected and strong but she keeps so m...
The Book of Flying
Riverhead, Feb 2004, 23.95 ISBN: 1573222496 Wingless librarian Pico is a loner who finds life worth living only in the books that he devours insatiably. He especially finds relearse from his mundane forlorn existence with stories of daring do and adventures of love. Alas his dream is to star in such a tale, but knows this will never pass. While strolling by the sea, Pico rescues the drowning winged Sisi. They begin seeing one another and qu...