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Matt Cruse works as cabin boy in the Aurora: a luxury passenger ship in an alternative Victorian time where airships roll across the skies. Six months ago Matt rescued a dying man from a drifting air balloon who claimed to have seen something of great beauty. But it isn't until six months later when he meets the man's granddaughter, Kate de Vries when he is reminded of this incindent. After showing him her father's logbook Matt is dubious but intent on f...
Shade Silverwing is the runt of the colony, and he lives a life of darkness, as bats were not allowed to see the sun due to an ancient battle. Shade takes a dare from another young Silverwing bat, and takes a peek at the sun. Unfortunately, he is spotted by a deadly owl, and barely escapes with his life. Enraged, the owl colonies burn his haven with hidden fire. Forced to migrate early for hibernation, Shade's colony flies a million wingbeats...