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All Around Me Peaceful
Neil Shanks is a young man who hails from Michigan where his family has a prosperous lumber business which was financed by his great grandfather's Colorado mining efforts. His curiousity as to how his ancestor became wealthy brings him to Colorado. His friend, Becky Carlsson gets lost during a hunting trip in the mountains. An exhausted Finn, Becky's husband, staggers into town during a snowstorm with the news. Everything else is forgotten as waves o...
Land That Moves, Land That Stands Still
Recently widowed Mattie Remmel who lives with her college student daughter, Shelly, on a farm in South Dakota hires a ranch hand named Dawn who settles in a tent on the property. They are joined by a 14 year old Native American boy named Elton who has run away from his home. This unlikely family courageously face the problems of farm life, machinery in need of repair, difficult people like the Pollards, and neighbors both boorish and tending to thiever...