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Beneath A Rising Moon
ImaJinn, March 2003, 245 pp. ISBN 1893896382 On an alternate earth, werewolves live on reservations and for the most part receive the same respect as human beings. They have strict birth control methods so they don't overwhelm the human population and different packs live in the same area. The Silver pack holds that free mating is necessary and hosts wild parties at the mansion the week before the full moon. This month, Neva Grant of the Gold...
Chasing the Shadows
ImaJinn, Dec 2002, 13.00, 230 pp. ISBN 1893896846 Michael is a three hundred and sixty year old vampire who works for The Circle, an organization of paranormal beings dedicated to destroying their evil kin. Nikki is a thrall, a being similar to a vampire without the need for blood. She and Michael are a couple in trouble because he wants to protect her and she wants to work with him for The Circle. When Michael arrives home after an assignme...
Circle of Death
ImaJinn, Sept 2002, 13.00, 231 pp. ISBN 1893896773 Kirby Brown and Helen Smith are as close as sisters are so when Kirby comes home to see Helen and her lover's body savaged, she's bereft and horrified. Helen was a witch and Kirby has powers of her own so she knows that the two policemen that are guarding her are something evil. She escapes from them only to see them come after her in their true form, reptilian like monsters. She would have ...