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Gloria is sixteen when she and her younger sister Marcia leave country living for the big city after Marcia is attacked. Life in Jamaica is made harder after Gloria kills a man for trying to assault Marcia the girls decide they can't stay. When Gloria saw what was happening to her sister, she bashed his head in. He was evil and had already raped Gloria. No way she was going to let him get at her baby sister too. The law is no help to poor black girls...
A crime lord takes over Kingtson's Chinatown and falls has a long term extramarital affair. Kerry Young Pao Jamaica Pao is a crime lord with a big heart. Home has been Jamaica since his mother fled China with him and his brother in tow. Pao works for one of the biggest war bosses in Kingston's Chinatown. Pao doesn't have to do the dirty work but when he steps in the gentle giant loses the gentle and can offer a king-sized beat down that will leave...