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Knights of Harvest
A simple case of murder, or is it? A sharecropper is accused of butchering a family on a remote farm, but he claims the murders were committed by aliens that landed in a UFO. Knights of Harvest explores the strange phenomena of cattle mutilations and UFOs, but takes it a step further when it appears that the aliens are interested in more than taking samples from livestock. Enter Marcus Payne, a washed-up criminal attorney who uncovers a bizarre govern...
Letters to a Rose
The 1960s… Children of the Greatest Generation precariously teeter on the edge of a world gone mad. Nuclear winter threatens from the shadows of a genocidal war in Southeast Asia as America courts disaster in the sticky jungles of Vietnam; and soon, gunfire will rip through a sunny plaza in Dallas, killing both the nation's beloved president and a young generation's innocence. From the fringes of this trembling universe calls a voice of a young boy...
Simon Sez
"Simon Sez" is a medical thriller in the spirit of Shelley's classic "Frankenstein." The consequences are lethal when two unethical physicians test the boundaries of a revolutionary new drug that reverses brain damage, literally bringing the dead back to life. The experimental drug, however, enduces psychic and telekenetic episodes in the doctors' unwitting subjects, one of whom is driven to an insane frenzy of revenge and murder in this story of medic...
The Last Cafe
Resident poet and pulp mystery writer Morton Poom chronicles the “goings-on” at The Last Café during a killer blizzard that strands weary travelers on the road of life. In the isolated and snowbound café, the characters interact and learn about each other's lives as Poom offers sometimes twisted and humorous observations to complicate matters. Before the storm passes, choices will be made, directions will be taken, and only one thing will be clear: ...

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