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Neola: Avenger
Derryk Slovik, one of the world's most brutal terrorist masterminds, has been resurrected. At the hands of a corrupt government, Slovik was turned into a cyborg, a being far more powerful than average humans. He has a murderous agenda on his mind which includes striking the city of Neola and causing such panic that the entire government collapses. Terri Hayes, a Lieutenant with the United Military Systems, is caught in an attack on the Military Secur...
Neola: Solar City
United Military Systems Lieutenant Terri Ellen Hayes works in the chaotic city of Neola. Neola is a glass and steel gem set into an ugly planet, a vestige of hope against such a tubulent universe. She was born and bred there, shipped to Mars for her training when both of her panrets died and her grandmother became too ill to care for her. Upon her return, she found work with the Interstellar Defense Corps., in a building in the government section of Neol...