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The Next To Die
Kensington, May 2001, 6.99, 416 pp. ISBN: 0786012374 In Portland, happily married Jim Gelder meets actor Tony Katz at a restaurant. The famous Hollywood star invites Jim to accompany him for a drink at the Vogue Vertigo. Awe-struck, Jim agrees. However, when Tony realizes that Jim is not gay, he tries to end the evening because the Vogue Vertigo caters to the homosexual crowd. Before they can part, assassins arrive and kill both men. The...
Watch Them Die
Pinnacle, May 2003, 6.99, 416 pp. ISBN: 0786014520 Rae Palmer knows she is being stalked, but no one believes her. When her boyfriend fell from a rooftop, the police ruled it an alcohol induced accident, but Rae knows better. The killer ultimately films his murdering her during a sexual encounter. He leaves the video of the snuffing in the return box of Seattle's Emerald City Video. Employee Hannah Doyle takes it home only to believe she has...